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【摘要】小编给大家带来BEC中级口语练习:商业计划,希望对大家有所帮助。 Ⅰ.核心学习:关于商业计划 Steve: Mike, what do you know about writing a business plan? 斯蒂夫:麦克,你知道怎么写商业计划吗? Mike: Plenty. What type of plan are you writing? 麦克:很熟,你要写什么样的计划? Steve: Well, I have this great new idea that I think will make a motza. 斯蒂夫:我有个很好的方案,我想可以赚大钱。 Mike: Want to let me in on the secret? 麦克:能向我透露透露吗? Steve: Not yet my friend but I would like your help in writing the business plan. 斯蒂夫:还不行,朋友,可我想让你帮我写这个商业计划。 Mike: Well, the main things you should include are an outline of your idea, your market research and your budgets. 麦克:你主要应该介绍的是你方案的大纲、你的市场调查和你预算。 Steve: Oh, I didn't realize that it would be so much work. Is there a quick way instead? 斯蒂夫:噢,我没想到要做这么多工作。有没有快一点儿的方法。 Mike: If you ask someone to invest in your business, they will want all of that type of information. 麦克:如果你想要别人投资你的生意,他们会要所有的这类信息。 Steve: I've heard a lot about IPO's recently. They seem like an easy way to get rich. 斯蒂夫:最近我听说过很多关于IPO(Initial Public Offering上市股)的事。看起来这是一条发财的捷径。 Mike: Steve you really have a lot to learn about business. I would be happy to help, but I want a percentage of your profits. 麦克:斯蒂夫,关于生意你要学的还多着呢。我很愿意帮你,可我要利润的提成。 Steve: No wonder people call you 'Mr Ten Percent'. Teach on buddy. 斯蒂夫:怪不得人们叫你“百分之十先生”。继续教吧,伙计。 Ⅱ.单词简析 1) Business Plan: a formal document containing the main ideas about a business project, sometimes called a Business Proposal 商业计划,一份正式的文件,包括关于商业项目的主要构想,有时也叫做商业提案 ex:The general manager of our company has asked me to write a business plan that we can show the bank. 我们公司的总经理要我写一份向银行出示的商业计划。 2) Motza: a large amount of money 一大笔钱 ex:My best friend won a motza in the China Sports Lottery. 我最好的朋友买中国运动奖卷中了很多钱。 3) Secret: something that you cannot tell anyone else 秘密,不能告诉别人的事 ex:I will tell you my new boyfriend's name, but it's a secret so you can't tell anyone - even your best friend! 我会告诉你我新男友的名字,可这是秘密,你不能告诉别人,连你最好的朋友也不行。 4) Market Research: analyzing consumer behavior and then writing a report on it 市场调查,分析顾客行为然后写一份相关的报告 ex:Market research helps you understand what your customers want and how much they will pay. 市场调查能帮你了解用户的需求以及他们的消费标准。 5) Budget: a report of how much money came in and went out of a company 预算,关于公司收入支出的报告 ex:Accountants are always busy at the end of each month because they have to finish the budgets for the managers. 会计人员在月底的时候都很忙,因为他们必须为经理们做好预算。 Ⅲ.课文篇 Every year many people think of new business ideas that they hope will make them millionaires (or even billionaires). Most new ideas though, even some great ones, can take years to develop. Be ready to work hard and stick to your plan. 每年都有很多人构思新的商业方案,希望因此而成为百万富翁(或亿万富翁)。大多数新的方案,即便是一些很出色的方案,也需要开发多年。做好吃苦的准备,别放弃你的计划。 Before you tell too many people your great new idea that will set the world on fire, it's best to write it in as much detail as possible. This will reduce the risk of someone stealing your idea! 在向众人宣布你震惊世界的伟大新方案之前,最好尽可能详细地将计划写下来。这样可以防止别人窃取你的构思。 Always get advice from a lawyer and accountant. A good lawyer can show you how to protect your ideas and the accountant can help to get the financing you will need. 不断征求律师和会计的建议。好的律师会告诉你怎样保护自己的方案,而会计会帮你筹集到需要的资金。 Most new businesses require money to get them started. Remember that when a person invests money in your ideas, they will usually want some control over how the money is spent. You may have to be more flexible if you have an investment partner. 多数新生意开始时都需要资金。记住有人向你的新方案投资时,他们通常想控制资金的使用。如果你有投资伙伴的话,你可能得更灵活一些。 Successful business people will tell you the most important thing is to have good control over how much money you spend especially in the first few years of a new business. Get an accountant to help you make an operating budget and then stick to it. 成功的商业人士会告诉你掌握资金使用情况是最重要的,尤其是新生意开始的前几年。找一个会计帮你做一个运作预算,然后照着做。 Success is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. It's tough to get to the top and tougher to stay there. Nothing beats hard work. 成功是百分之一的灵感和百分之九十九的汗水。攀到高峰很难,保持不败更难。辛勤的工作是成功的保障。 Ⅳ.对话篇 Beth : Sally, did you get a change to look over the budgets that I gave you? 贝丝:莎丽,你看过我给你的预算了吗? Sally: Sure did, Beth. They looked OK but I thought they needed more detail. 莎丽:看过,贝丝。看起来不错,不过我觉得还需要更详细一些。 Beth : OK. What ideas did you have? 贝丝:没问题,你有什么建议吗? Sally: Well, you should have put details of your market research spending and the interest you will have to pay on the bank loan. 莎丽:你应该在市场调查费用和银行贷款利息方面更详细一些。 Beth : Great thinking, Sally. I forgot those important items. 贝丝:好建议,莎丽。我忘了那些重要的项目了。 Sally: Don't worry - there is so much to remember when you write a business proposal. 莎丽:别担心。写商务计划的时候要想到的东西太多了。 Beth : I didn't imagine that having an idea for a new business would be such hard work! 贝丝:我没想到做一个新商业方案这么难。 Sally: I know but the rewards make it worthwhile! 莎丽:我了解,可得到的回报也很值。 Beth : Do you think the budgets are ready for me to take to investors for them to see? 贝丝:你觉得这份预算可以拿给投资商看了吗? Sally: As your accountant I think that they are ready and that investors will be excited when they see them. 莎丽:作为你的会计,我认为可以了,投资商看到会很兴奋。 Beth : Thanks for all your assistance, Sally. 贝丝:谢谢你给我的所有帮助莎丽。 Sally: Just don't forget me when you make your first million! 莎丽:挣到第一个一百万时别忘了我。
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