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【摘要】小编给大家带来BEC中级口语练习:处理变化,希望对大家有所帮助。 Ⅰ.核心学习:处理变化 Michael: Billy, why are you sitting at this desk today? 迈克尔:比利,你今天怎么坐在这张桌子上? Billy: My boss has moved me to a new desk and a new job. 比利:我上司让我挪到一张新桌子,并给了我一份新工作。 Michael: Is it a promotion? 迈克尔:是提升吗? Billy: No, not really. Just a new job. 比利:不,不算得。只是一份新工作而已。 Michael: How do you feel about that? 迈克尔:你对此感觉如何? Billy: Ok. I suppose but I like my old job better. 比利:我觉得还行吧,不过我更喜欢我的老工作。 Michael: I hate change. I just get settled in and then things change again. 迈克尔:我讨厌变动。我刚刚固定下来,又要变。 Billy: They say that a rut is a grave with the ends kicked out. 比利:他们说一成不变的生活是无底的坟墓。 Michael: So change is positive? 迈克尔:这么说变动是好事? Billy: It must be! I don't want to be in a grave yet! 比利:肯定是!我还不想呆在坟墓里! Ⅱ.单词简析 1) Promotion: an increase in pay and responsibility at work 提拔,晋升:工作中薪水和职责的增加 ex:The general manager said that my new job was a promotion but he would not offer me more money! 总经理说我的新工作是一次升职,可他不给我加薪! 2) Rut: a track worn by a wheel, a groove in which something runs 车撤,沟,槽:车轮压出的痕迹,某物在里面运转的沟槽 ex:At the front of my house is a rut worn by my bicycle wheel. 我的屋前是一条我的自行车轮胎轧出的车辙。 3) Grave: large hole in the ground for a coffin 坟墓:地底下存放棺材很大的洞 ex:My parents went shopping for their grave last weekend - I hope they don't need it soon. 上周我的父母去购买他们的墓穴-但愿他们近期内不需要它。 4) Positive: good, the opposite of negative 正面的,肯定的:好的,负面的反面 ex:Everyone said positive things about my new necktie - so it must be very good. 每个人都对我的新领带表示肯定-那么它一定很不错。 Ⅲ.课文篇 Life is full of change. Change can come in many forms: from a new job, to a new girlfriend or even choosing a new toothpaste. How you manage and cope with change is a sign of your professionalism and maturity. 生活处处充满了变化。变化来自方方面面:一份新工作、结交一个新女友乃至选择一种新牙膏都会带来变化。如何处理和应付变化是你的职业特性和成熟的标志。 Almost everyone finds change stressful. People like to have routines and to stick with things they know well. Change means that those routines are broken and that people have to learn new ways of doing things. 几乎每个人都觉得改变产生压力。人们喜欢常规事务,并且喜欢坚持做他们很了解的事情。改变意味着那些常规被打破了,而且人们需要去学习做事的新方式。 Change is such an important but stressful thing for companies that there is a whole range of professionals - known as Change Management Professionals - who can help your company through a time of change. 改变对于公司来说不仅有压力,而且很重要,于是出现了全范畴的专业人士-称为“改变管理专家”-帮助你的公司度过变更时期。 If changes are well planned, well executed and staff understand the reasons for the changes, it can be profitable for your company. If staff are not onside for the planned changes they can fight against the change and cause the whole plan to fail. 如果改变计划有方,实施得当,而且员工了解发生改变的原因,那么它可以为你的公司带来效益。如果员工不了解计划中的改变,他们可能会对它发生抵触,从而导致整个计划失败。 Explain the changes carefully to your staff and ensure that they really understand why the changes are important. That way they will feel they are part of the plan and not having some unnecessary changes forced upon them. 向你的员工仔细地解释有关改变,并且确保他们真正理解这些变化的重要性。这样他们就会感到自己是计划的一个部分,而且不会觉得自己被迫承担不必要的变动。 Ⅳ.对话篇 Jeff: How are you today Joan? 杰夫:你今天过得怎么样,琼? Joan: Terrible. I have a new desk and a new computer. 琼:糟糕透了。我有了一张新桌子和一台新电脑。 Jeff: Why is that bad? Anytime I get something new I am very excited. 杰夫:那有什么不好呢?每次有新东西的时候我都很激动。 Joan: But now I have to spend half of the day rearranging my desk and my computer so that they are the same as my old ones. 琼:可现在我得花半天的时间来重新整理我的桌子和电脑,好让它们和原来的一样。 Jeff: I hate that part of change as well, but you only have to do it once. 杰夫:我也讨厌变动的这个方面,不过你只需要做一次。 Joan: Things are always changing in this place. I can never keep up with all of the changes. 琼:这个地方事物总在发生变化。我从来都跟不上所有这些变动。 Jeff: I don't worry about change unless it directly affects me. 杰夫:我不会去发愁变动,除非它直接影响到我。 Joan: That's a good idea! Only worry about what you have to! 琼:那是个好主意!只操心你需要做的事情! Jeff: For once it's me giving you advice and not the other way around! 杰夫:这次是我给你的建议,往常正好反过来!
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