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【摘要】小编给大家带来BEC中级口语练习:性骚扰,希望对大家有所帮助。 Ⅰ.核心学习:Sexual harassment 性骚扰 Michael: Wow! Have you seen the new fox in the accounts payable department? 迈克尔:哇!你看到帐目支出部新来的狐狸精了吗? Billy: Not yet. Is she really hot? 比利:还没有。她真的很性感? Michael: She sure is. I think she is the most stunning woman I have even seen in our company. 迈克尔:没错。我觉得她是我在咱们公司有史以来看到的最迷人的女人。 Billy: Maybe we should go pay her a visit and introduce ourselves? 比利:也许我们应该去看看她,(向她)介绍我们自己? Michael: I'm not going with you. You will be trying to grope her hair and brush against her body all the time. 迈克尔:我不和你一起去。你会一直要去摸她的头发、蹭她的身体。 Billy: Michael, you know me better than that! I would never do such a thing to a colleague. 比利:迈克尔,你知道我没那么差劲!我永远都不会对同事做出这样的事情。 Michael: That's good, because there are strict laws about sexual harassment in the workplace. 迈克尔:那很好,因为关于工作中的性骚扰有很严厉的法律条文。 Billy: I know. I don't want to lose my job even if it is for the most beautiful woman in the firm. 比利:我知道。即使是为了公司里最漂亮的女人我也不想失去我的工作。 Ⅱ.单词简析 1) Fox: a derogatory word for a beautiful women, it is wise not to use this term 狐狸精:贬损漂亮女人的一个词,最好不要去用它 ex:Only someone with no manners would call a woman a fox! It's not polite. 只有没有礼仪的人才会去叫一个女人狐狸精!这么做不礼貌。 2) Accounts payable: responsible for paying all of the company's bills 帐目支出:负责支付公司的所有帐单 ex:To work in accounts payable you need a strong attention to detail and be able to count lots of money. 在帐目支出(部门)工作你需要高度注意细节(的东西),并且能够数很多钱。 3) Grope: grab, touch roughly 摸索:粗粗地抓,触摸 ex:I was groped on the subway one day so I turned around and kicked the very rude man in the shins. 一天我在地铁里被人摸了,所以我转过身,踢了那个粗鲁男人的小腿。 4) Colleague: Someone you work with 同事:和你一起工作的人 ex:It is very important to have respect for your colleagues - even if you don't really like them. 尊重你的同事是很重要的-即使你不太喜欢他们。 Ⅲ.课文篇 We spend so much time each week at work closely interacting with our colleagues. It's not surprising then to discover that almost 40 percent of married couples say they first met at work. Work romances can be OK if they are managed carefully but you must be very careful to avoid sexual harassment. 每周我们花在与同事一起亲密共事的时间很多。因此发现几乎40%的夫妇说他们第一次见面是在工作中也就不足为奇了。如果人们小心处理,在工作中发生浪漫的故事是可以的,不过你必须非常小心,以避免性骚扰。。 Sexual harassment is unwanted, repeated sexual attention at work. In most countries is it against the law. Companies can be fined for allowing a staff member to sexually harass another and individual can be sent to jail. 性骚扰是工作中不需要的、反复发生的与性有关的注意。在大多数国家它是违反法律的。如果公司允许一个员工对另一个员工进行性骚扰,那么公司可能会受到处罚,而且进行性骚扰的那个人可能要去坐牢。 Some types of sexual harassment include: 性骚扰的一些类型包括: . Suggestive comments about your appearance . Unwanted touching or other physical contact . Unwanted sexual jokes or comments . Sexual advances . Exposure to pornographic pictures * 提示有关你相貌的言语 * 不必要的抚摸或身体上的其他接触 * 不必要的性笑话或评论 * 表示性意向 * 显露黄色图片 Sexual harassment is illegal even if the harasser is not your boss, even if he is not threatening that you will lose your job if you don't go along. 即使骚扰者不是你的老板,即使他不威胁你如果不合作你就会失去你的工作,性骚扰也是违法的。 Everyone has the right to a workplace free of harassment. If you feel that you have been harassed you can and should take clear action against the offender. 每个人都有权利要求一个没有骚扰的工作环境。如果你觉得你被骚扰了,你可以也应该对冒犯者采取明确的行动。 Say no clearly. Inform the harasser that his or her attentions are unwanted. Make clear you find the behavior offensive. If it persists, write a memo to the harasser asking him to stop; keep a copy. 明确地说不。告诉骚扰人他/她的注意是不需要的。明确地表示你觉得那种行为冒犯了你。如果骚扰还在继续,给骚扰者写一份备忘录要求他停住;自己保留一份。 Document the harassment. Write down each incident including date, time and place. Detail what happened and include your response. Keep a copy at home. This information will be useful if you need to take legal action. 骚扰的证据。记下每一次事件,包括日期、时间和地点。详细地描述发生了什么事情,包括你的反应。留一份备份在家里。如果你需要采取法律行动,这些信息将很有帮助。 Document your work. Keep copies of performance evaluations and memos that attest to the quality of your work. The harasser may question your job performance in order to justify his behavior. 工作的证据。保留工作表现评估和证明你工作质量的备忘录的备份。骚扰者为了证明他的行为是正当的,可能要质问你的工作表现。 Look for witnesses and other victims. You are probably not the first person who has been harassed by this individual. Ask around,you may find others who will support your charge. Two accusations are much harder to ignore. 寻找目击者和其他受害者。你也许不是被那个人骚扰的惟一一个人。问问四周;你可能找到支持你诉讼的其他人。两起指控更让人难以忽视。 Everyone has the right to work in a safe environment that is free from harassment of any sort! Sexual harassment is among the worst types and must be stopped! Complain loudly and clearly to prevent the harasser from doing it again to others! 每个人都有权利在一个安全的、没有任何骚扰的环境里工作!性骚扰在最糟糕的类型之列,而且必须停止!大声、明确地控诉,防止骚扰者再次对其他人进行骚扰。 Ⅳ.对话篇 Jeff: Good morning Joan. You look lovely in that dress this morning. 杰夫:早上好,琼。今天早上你穿这件裙子很可爱。 Joan: Thanks Jeff. I really like your tie. 琼:谢谢,杰夫。我真的喜欢你的领带。 Jeff: You know that some people would say that we were engaging in sexual harassment. 杰夫:你知道有人要说我们在进行性骚扰。/cn] Joan: But they would be wrong. Sexual harassment is unwanted and repeated. [cn]琼:不过他们错了。性骚扰是不需要的、反复进行(的行为)。 Jeff: So it's not sexual harassment if the person likes the comments or touching? 杰夫:那么如果某人喜欢评论和抚摸就不是性骚扰? Joan: That's right. If it is consensual, it's not harassment. 琼:没错。如果双方都愿意那就不是骚扰。 Jeff: So I should ask permission before complementing or kissing you? 杰夫:这么说在赞美和亲吻你以前我应该先征得(你的)同意? Joan: I don't mind your compliments but if you ever dare to kiss me I will break your nose! 琼:我不介意你的称赞,不过如果你胆敢亲吻我我就会打断你的鼻子。
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