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【摘要】小编给大家带来BEC中级口语练习:盗版软件,希望对大家有所帮助。 Ⅰ.核心学习:Pirate Software 盗版软件 Michael: Hey Billy. You look really frustrated this morning. 迈克尔:嘿,比利,今天上午你看起来很沮丧。 Billy: I think my computer must have a virus. 比利:我觉得我的电脑肯定有病毒。 Michael: Why do you say that? 迈克尔:你为什么这么说? Billy: Well, I have just tried to install some new software, but now my computer won't work properly. 比利:唔,我刚才想装一些新软件,但是现在我的电脑不能正常工作了。 Michael: Why didn't you ask the propeller-heads to put the new program on the PC for you? 迈克尔:你为什么不让技术人员帮你往电脑里装新程序? Billy: Because it's not really related to work. They will get mad at me. 比利:因为它与工作没有什么联系。他们会对我发脾气的。 Michael: So where did you get the software? 迈克尔:那你从哪儿得到这些软件? Billy: It was really cheap. I bought it from some guy on the street. 比利:它很便宜。我从街上的一些人那里买的。 Michael: It is probably pirated software. 迈克尔:它可能是盗版软件。 Billy: Can you teach me all about pirated software so that my computer will work correctly again? 比利:你能教我所有有关盗版软件的知识吗,好让我的电脑再次正常工作。 Michael: Listen carefully. 迈克尔:仔细听好了。 Ⅱ.单词简析 1) Frustrated: discouraged, angry because you can't do something 使人沮丧的,灰心的:因为你不能做某事而气馁、生气 ex:I always wanted to be like Michael Jordan, but I am very short so I was frustrated. 我老想像迈克尔·乔丹那样,不过我很矮,因此我很沮丧。 2) Virus: software designed to cause a problem with your computer 病毒:为了使电脑出毛病而设计的软件 ex:Although there are many types of computer virus these days, if you use good anti-virus software, you will be well protected. 尽管目前计算机病毒多种多样,不过如果你使用好的防毒软件,你就会得到很好的保护。 3) Propeller-heads: technical staff who usually work in Information Technology 技术人员:通常在IT部门工作的技术人员 ex:Propeller-heads used to be dorks and nerds, but today they are seen as being really cool (by some people!). 以前技术人员是书呆子,不过现在他们看起来很酷(在某些人看来!)。 4) Pirated software: software that has been copied from the original 盗版软件:从原版拷贝来的软件 ex:If you use or buy pirated software, you are breaking the law - there is no good excuse for using pirated software. 如果你使用或购买盗版软件,你就违反了法律-没有好理由去使用盗版软件。 Ⅲ.课文篇 Forty years ago, no one could have imagined the impact that computers would have on the world. Indeed Thomas J Watson, Chairman of the Board of IBM said in the 1950s that he thought "there was a world market for about only five computers." With more than 700 million computers on earth today, Mr Watson was clearly wrong. 四十年前,没有人能想象计算机会给世界带来(如此大)的冲击。确实是这样,IBM (美国国际商用机器公司)的总裁,托马斯·J·华特森在五十年代说过他认为“计算机的世界市场大约只有五台”。今天地球上拥有7亿台计算机,很显然,华特森先生错了。 As most people know, you need hardware and software to make a computer work. Hardware includes the computer screen, the mouse, keyboard and of course the central processing unit that does all of the hard work for you. 正如大多数人所了解的,要想让一台计算机工作,你需要有硬件和软件。硬件包括计算机屏幕、鼠标、键盘,当然还有为你做所有艰苦工作的CUP(中央处理器)。 Software includes the computer's operating system, games and office productivity software (like PowerPoint or Word). Software is a form of intellectual property and is entitled to just as much protection as real property like your car or your home. 软件包括计算机的操作系统、游戏以及办公软件(如PowerPoint 或者 Word )。软件是知识产权的一种形式,而且应该受到和你的不动产,如汽车或者房子等一样的保护。 Nobody would say that to steal hardware was OK, but millions of people around the world think that it is perfectly acceptable to steal software by copying it. Copying software and giving it away or selling it is stealing and therefore wrong. 没有人会说偷硬件是可行的,不过世界上数百万人认为以拷贝的方式来偷软件是完全可以接受的。拷贝软件送给别人或者销售出去都是偷窃行为,因此这是错误的。 Software can be expensive - often more than you can afford - but that is no reason to think it is OK to steal it or buy a pirated copy. Mercedes Benz cars are also expensive, but I cannot just go out and help myself to one just because I want one. 软件可能很昂贵-通常超出你的支付能力-但是没有理由认为偷窃或购买盗版是可行的。奔驰车也很贵,可是不能仅仅因为想要一辆就可以出去自己解决。 Software is expensive to develop. If developers cannot make money by selling their software, how will they fund the development of new software to make our lives even easier? 开发软件很贵。如果开发商不能通过销售他们的软件来挣钱,他们又怎么能投资开发新软件,以使我们的生活变得更轻松? Ⅳ.对话篇 Jeff: What are you doing after work today, Joan? 杰夫:今天下班之后你要做什么,琼? Joan: I'm going shopping for 20 blank CDs. 琼:我要去买20张空白CD。 Jeff: Why do you need so many blank CDs Joan? 杰夫:你为什么需要那么多空白CD,琼? Joan: My friend has some cool software that he will copy onto the blanks CDs for me. 琼:我的朋友有一些很酷的软件,他要拷贝到空白CD送给我。 Jeff: But that's stealing! 杰夫:可那是偷窃! Joan: I don't think so. My friend already paid for the software. What's the harm in making a few copies? 琼:我不这么认为。我的朋友已经掏钱买那些软件了。拷贝一些新的有什么大碍? Jeff: Well, you already paid for your car, so I think I might steal it this afternoon. Is that OK with you? 杰夫:唔,你已经买了你的车,因此我想今天下午我可能要去偷它。这么做你同意吗? Joan: No way! That's my car! 琼:没门!那可是我的车! Jeff: So don't steal software, Joan! 杰夫:那就别偷软件,琼!
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