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【摘要】小编给大家带来BEC中级口语练习:邮件过多怎么办,希望对大家有所帮助。 Ⅰ.核心学习:What to Do When You Get Too Many Emails 收到过多的电子邮件怎么办 Michael: My computer is really going crazy today. 迈克尔:今天我的电脑真的要发疯了。 Billy: Have you tried re-booting it? 比利:你试过re-booting (重启动)了吗? Michael: I think the Big Kahoona would be really angry if she saw me kicking my PC. 迈克尔:我觉得如果让头儿看见我踢我的电脑,她会很生气的。 Billy: I don't mean that you should kick you computer! Have you tried to restart it? 比利:我不是说你应该踢你的计算机!你试过重启动了吗? Michael: Do you think that would help? 迈克尔:你觉得那有用吗? Billy: Maybe. What error message are you getting? 比利:可能。你得到什么样的错误信息? Michael: It says that I have too much email. 迈克尔:它说我的电子邮件太多了。 Billy: How many emails do you have in your inbox? 比利:你的收信箱里有多少封电子邮件? Michael: About 10,000! 迈克尔:大约一万封! Billy: Leave your computer alone for a while and I will tell you how to manage your email more efficiently. 比利:先不要去管你的计算机,我要告诉你怎么更有效地管理你的电子邮件。 Ⅱ.单词简析 1) Re-booting: a technical term meaning to turn your PC off and then on 重启动:把个人电脑关了,然后再开的技术术语 ex:Sometimes re-booting can fix a computer problem, but it is probably better to call the IT staff first. 有时候重启动可以解决一个计算机问题,不过也许最好先叫IT人员。 2) Big Kahoona: your boss, an important person 头儿:你的老板,上司,一个重要的人 ex:The Big Kahoona asked me to work this weekend to get an important report finished. 这个周末头儿要我工作,完成一份重要的报告。 3) Efficiently: productive without waste 有效地:生产不浪费 ex:The more efficiently a company works, the larger the profit will be. 公司的工作效率越高,利润就越大。 4) Prioritize: to arrange things in order of importance 把...区分优先次序:按事物的重要性进行排序 ex:Professional staff should develop systems to prioritize their work efficiently. 专业人员应该开发系统来有效地将他们的工作按照优先次序进行排序。 Ⅲ.课文篇 More than 12 trillion emails will be sent by the end of this year. That is an astonishing number for a communications tool that is only about 25 years old. Today email has partially replaced faxes and phone calls as the key way of communicating. 到今年年底人们发出的电子邮件将要超过12万亿封。对于一个只有25年之久的通信工具来说,这是个惊人的数字。现在电子邮件已经部分地取代了传真与电话作为主要通信方式的地位。 But what should you do when you receive too many emails and how do you ensure that you don't get too many in the future? 不过当你收到过多的电子邮件(以下简称邮件)该怎么办?而且,你怎么保证以后不会收到过多的邮件? Sort your emails in different folders depending on their content: for example, use different email addresses for different roles. Consider using one address for your private mails, one for work-related stuff, an another for your hobbies or sports activities. 按照邮件的内容将它们归类到不同的文件夹里。例如:不同的角色使用不同的邮件地址。考虑一个地址用于你的私人信件;一个地址用于与工作相关的东西;另一个地址用于你的业余爱好或体育活动。 Try to filter spam. Reading or deleting spam takes time - time that could be used doing something else. Spam is any unwanted email that is not addressed to you specifically. 尝试过滤垃圾邮件。阅读或删除垃圾邮件需要时间-你可以用这些时间来做其它的事情。垃圾邮件是那些不受欢迎的、不是专门发到你的地址的邮件。 Archive or save everything important because you will have to get something from your archives at some point. I wish I had always done that... 将重要的东西存档或保存下来,因为有时候你需要从你的档案里获取某些东西。但愿我以前一直这么做... Try to keep up-to-date with your private emails, because if you don't, you will never have time to spend time on old emails later. From my personal experience, either I reply to an email within a week or I won't deal with it before months... 尝试保持与私人邮件同步,因为如果你不这么做,以后你就永远没有时间花在旧邮件上。从我的个人经历来说,我要么在一周内回复邮件,要么数月之后才去处理它。 Prioritize email quickly. Reply immediately to the highest priority email, within 24 hours to less-urgent ones and within a week to all others. 迅速对邮件进行优先排序。马上回复最重要的邮件,对那些不那么焦急的邮件在24小时内回复,而所有其它的邮件在一周之内回复。 Ⅳ.对话篇 Jeff: What did we do before email was invented? 杰夫:在电子邮件发明以前我们做什么? Joan: I don't really know. I am too young to remember times before email. 琼:我真的不知道。我太小了,记不起电子邮件以前的事情。 Jeff: I suppose we made more phone calls and sent more faxes. 杰夫:我猜想我们多打电话、多发传真。 Joan: And we wrote letters and traveled to see people in person. 琼:而且我们写信,亲自去会见别人。 Jeff: Right! Email is such an effective way to communicate. I can't imagine life without it. 杰夫:没错!电子邮件是一种很有效的通信方式。我无法想象没有它的生活。 Joan: It can be a powerful tool, but many people just don't have the skills to use it well. 琼:它可以是一种强大的工具,不过很多人就是缺乏技巧,不会好好使用它。 Jeff: I always try to reply to email within 24 hours, but sometimes I forget. 杰夫:我总是尝试在24小时内回复电子邮件,不过有时候我忘了。 Joan: That's OK. As long as you reply eventually, it is OK! 琼:没事。只要你最后回复就行!
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