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【摘要】小编给大家带来BEC中级口语练习:要求加薪的技巧,希望对大家有所帮助。 Ⅰ.核心学习:要求加薪的技巧 Billy: How is your new position at the company? 比利:你在公司的新职位怎么样? Michael: Same old, same old. How about you? 迈克尔:老样子,没什么变化。你呢? Billy: I'm A-Ok. I heard that you are applying for a raise. You really deserve it. 比利:我很好。我听说你要申请加薪,你确实应该加薪。 Michael: I guess so, but I am nervous. 迈克尔:我也这么想,可是我有点紧张。 Billy: Why are you nervous, you are a hard worker and the staff members all like you, right? 比利:为什么紧张,你很努力,大家也都很喜欢你,不是吗? Michael: That is correct, but I am afraid to talk with the manager. I never know how to ask for a raise. 迈克尔:没错,可我害怕跟经理说,我不知道怎么要求加薪。 Billy: No problem, I will help you practice. I will give you self-confidence. 比利:没问题,我帮你示范一下,你会有自信的。 Michael: You would do that for me? You are A-OK. 迈克尔:你愿意帮我?你真棒。 Billy: I will make you a shoe-in for the raise. 比利:我保证你能得到加薪。 Ⅱ.单词简析 1) A-OK : fine, great (spoken English only) 很好,了不起 ex:I hope everything is A-OK with Tom. He is late. 汤姆迟到了,我希望他没事。 2) A shoe-in : must win, best candidate 最佳人选 ex:You are a shoe-in for the job. 你是这工作的最佳人选。 3) Promotion : getting a higher station 升职 ex:Great news, I got the promotion. Now I am a senior account manager. 好消息,我升职了,现在我是高级客户经理。 4) Persuade : change one's mind, talk into 劝说 ex:After a lot of talking, my wife persuaded me to get a new job. 经过再三劝说,妻子说服了我去找一份新工作。 5) Superior : one higher than you, your boss 上司 ex:I must give a report to my superiors this afternoon. 今天下午我必须向上司汇报。 6) Worthy : able, valuable 值得的 Tom is worthy an award for his high score on the test. 汤姆应该为他的考试高分得到奖励。 Ⅲ.课文篇 Step one: Show that you are worthy of a raise or promotion. (Note# a raise is a pay increase,while a promotion is an increase in status.) Step two: Ask the manager or boss for an appointment. Step three: Convince and persuade your superior to give you the raise. Step four: Thank your superior. Step five: Repeat steps 1-4 until you get the raise or promotion. 第一步:证明你应该得到加薪或升职。(注:RAISE 指的是加薪,PROMOTION指的是升职) 第二步:要求与经理或老板会面。 第三步:说服上司给你加薪。 第四步:感谢上司。 第五步:重复1-4步直到得到加薪或升职。 Examples of showing you are worthy: Q: Pardon me, Mr. Peterson, have you seen my latest report? Q: Here is a progress report detailing my efforts of late. Examples of asking for an appointment: Q: Pardon me, sir, do you have time at 2:30 to discuss something important with me? Q: I would like to make an appointment to talk with you, sir. Examples of persuading: Q: Seeing my motivation and experience, what kind of raise can I expect? Q: My work record speaks for itself, look at all my achievements. Examples of thanking your boss: Q:Thanks for your time. Q:Sir I appreciate your time. 例句1 (证明你应该得到加薪) Q:对不起先生,您看了我最近的报告了吗? Q:这份是我最近工作进展的详细报告。 例句2(要求会面) Q:对不起先生,您两点半有时间吗?我有重要的事要跟您谈。 Q:先生,我想跟您约个时间谈谈。 例句3(说服) Q:就我的积极性和经验来看,我应该得到多少加薪呢? Q:我的工作报告是最好的证明,看看我做的成绩吧。 例句4(感谢你的老板) Q:谢谢您为我花时间。 Q:很感激您为我花的时间。 Ⅳ.对话篇 Molly : Pardon me, Sir, have you seen my latest report? 莫莉:对不起先生,您看了我最近的报告了吗? Gordon: Of course I have read it. A great piece of work. 戈登:当然,做得很好。 Molly : I would like to make an appointment to talk with you, sir. 莫莉:我想跟您约个时间谈谈,先生。 Gordon: Sure. I am free now, does that fit your schedule? 戈登:可以,我现在有时间,您有空吗? Molly : Sure, you are the busy one. 莫莉:当然,您比我忙多了。 Gordon: Have a seat, Miss. Now, what can I help you with? 戈登:请坐,小姐,有什么需要帮忙的吗? Molly : I would like to talk about me getting a raise. 莫莉:我想谈谈加薪的问题。 Gordon: I see, you have been here for one year, that is long enough. Have you been a productive worker? 戈登:我明白,你在这工作已经一年了,该加薪了。你工作效率高吗? Molly : Here, my work record speaks for itself, look at all my achievements. 莫莉:这里,我的工作报告是最好的证明,看看我做的成绩吧。 Gordon: I see. You have giving me something to think about. 戈登:我知道了。我需要考虑一下。 Molly : Seeing my motivation and experience, what kind of raise can I expect? 莫莉:就我的积极性和经验来看,我应该得到多少加薪呢? Gordon: Please wait until I make my final discussion. However, I think you are a shoe-in for a raise. 戈登:请等我做出最后决定。不管怎样,我认为你得到加薪是确定的。 Molly : Thanks for your time, sir. 莫莉:谢谢您的时间,先生。 Gordon: It was my pleasure. 戈登:不用谢。
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